“I don’t see how we could have dispersed the crowd without tear gas.”

Tom Wilbert, the East Lansing police chief, on attempts to quell quell a riot that erupted at a party near Michigan State University’s campus early Sunday morning. Police said that 3,000 to 4,000 people were at the party. Fifty-two of them were arrested.

“If it’s not Parley, we certainly don’t want to move anybody else.”

Robert J. Grow, an attorney in Salt Lake City, on potential complications in removing the remains of his great-great-great grandfather, Parley Parker Pratt, who was a prominent Mormon leader 151 years ago. Pratt is bured in Arkansas, but it was apparently his dying wish to be interred in Salt Lake City

“I still haven’t decided how to split the cow.”

Branko Zivkov, a farmer from Serbia, explaining how he has tried to comply with a court order mandating that he share all of his property with his former wife. Zivkov purchased a grinding machine to slice in half his farm tools and machines, including a sowing machine and cattle scales

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