CHICAGO — On Monday, Michigan football coach Brady Hoke met with local and national media at Big Ten Media Days.

Here are highlights from his press conference:

Opening statement: “We’re all excited for another season to get started and looking forward to the start of fall camp on Sunday. Our football team has come together this summer and worked very hard. I think they’ve worked hard, and I think a lot of that is the foundation that has been laid over the last three years and the depth that we have on our football team. It’s as competitive as a team that I’ve been around at all positions.”

On a strong Big Ten East division: “I think it’s a great, competitive division. How it shakes out, we’ll find out. But as far as the competitiveness of the division, and at the end of the day … we want to compete. We want to compete on every Saturday. So as far as we’re concerned, we’re looking forward to it.”

On the offensive line: “I think we’ll start camp with a lineup that we’ve come out of spring with, and that will be based some things on what has been done during the course of the summer and when you see the work ethic and all those things, but a lot of it will be based on coming out spring football, obviously. So we’ll go through that lineup, but at the same time, what will change it up every day a little bit to see where the pieces fit. But I wouldn’t say — take two weeks maybe, at the most.”

On being on the hot seat: “You know, why do you coach? I mean, why do you really coach? If we’re doing everything we can for 115 guys — sons — on our roster, from the graduation, since we’ve been there, 69 of 69 seniors have graduated. That’s important. Because football is only going to last so long. So the only pressure is every day preparing those guys for life after football. Competition, hard work and all that, that’s part of it. But socially and academically, that’s a big part of it. So when you talk about that, that’s the only pressure as a coach that I’ve ever felt — making sure we’re doing it for the student-athletes.”

On last game of the Notre Dame rivalry: “It definitely will be an emphasis, simply because it’s a national rivalry. It’s a shame that that series is over with, because of the national rivalry that it carried with it.”

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