FOX’s new Sunday night comedy “The Pitts” stars a peculiar group with all the characteristics of a typical prime time television family: the rascal adolescent son, the defiant but responsible teenage daughter, and two adoring parents. Together the four create a quirky bunch that plunges into life’s sticky situations.

As the father, Bob Pitt (Dylan Baker, “Happiness”) says, his family isn’t cursed, it just has “bad luck.” Similar to television land’s infamous Munster family, the strange occurrences within the Pitt house are public knowledge.

Bob and Liz Pitt (Kellie Waymire) have a doting, all-too-perfect relationship. They drink from cups with matching self-portraits, work together in a packaging and mail store and cling to one another in spare moments. The humor of this unrealistic plot quickly becomes irritating as the other characters also depict clich

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