As students begin filling out applications for summer internships, or attending one of the University’s career fairs, one Detroit-based company presents a range of options for them.

Over the past three summers, Quicken Loans, the nation’s second largest mortgage lender, headquartered in Detroit, has taken approximately 17 percent of their interns from the University, making it one of the highest represented colleges in last summer’s internship program.

Quicken College Recruiter Alisha Roberts interned for the company in the summer of 2011. When she started, the program was comprised of 200 students; it has now grown to over 1,000 interns each summer, with 173 of them coming from the University

Interns have been placed in wide variety of settings within the company, including accounting, information technology and mortgage operations.

Quicken Loans and its chairman and founder, Dan Gilbert, have gained attention as harbinger of Detroit’s revitalization efforts. In August 2010, the company moved its headquarters and 12,000 employees from a Detroit suburb to downtown, accounting for a major portion of the 85,000 people working in the central business district.

Costing about $1.3 billion, Gilbert has updated more than 60 properties in the city.

“The goal here is to make downtown Detroit nothing less than an attraction and destination for both residents and visitors alike,” wrote Dan Gilbert in a March 2013 e-mail, Detroit Free Press reported.

“I think the coolest thing is being apart of the comeback story,” Roberts said.

When Roberts first moved to Detroit, she said there weren’t many people living in her area.

“You didn’t really have to wait in line long for a sandwich,” she said.

This past summer, however, when she went to Campus Martius, the park in the center of downtown Detroit, every table was filled.

“I think a big part of it is our internship program, and the fact that we bring 1,000 college students into the city, the urban core, every summer,” she said.

Quicken Loans’ objective is to bring young people into the city and send them back to their campuses with a better understanding of Detroit.

Business junior Sarah Waxman interned with Quicken Loans’ Accounting Department last summer and lived in Wayne State University’s dorms, where Quicken Loans housed their interns.

“My favorite part was probably living at Wayne State and just being able to explore Detroit and do a lot of fun things on the weekends,” she said.

In their free time, the interns went to dinner, saw movies, visited the Eastern Market, and even took a trip to Belle Isle, an island in the Detroit River.

Although Waxman cannot picture herself living in Detroit, she thinks there is potential for the city.

“Right now there is like a hipster, underground sort of movement going on, a lot of different cool, weird places and restaurants to go to,” she said.

This past summer, Quicken Loans had over 17,000 applicants, nearly doubling the 8,000 applicants in 2012.

“The interest is there in our company and our family of companies and that’s the really exciting part,” Roberts said.

“My hope for any college student would be that they would want to be apart of something that’s bigger than themselves,” Roberts added. “I think that’s something that we are uniquely offering college students”

Genevieve Harclerode, the director of Experiential Learning and Employer Development at the University’s Career Center, said the high number of Michigan students Quicken Loans hires for internships makes it an organization the career center is excited to work with.

“It’s also exciting for us to work with a company that really is deeply invested in the growth and revitalization of Detroit,” she said.

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