The Ann Arbor Quality 16 movie theater offers a unique alternative to local Halloween activities. As of Oct.18, Quality 16 has participated in the first U.S. release of the new 35mm 3-D/4-D film process. Previously, the 3-D film experience was available strictly in IMAX format and lacked the intensity and stimulation of 4-D bubble, fog, laser and strobe light effects.

Quality 16 offers four 3-D/4-D films everyday on a rotating schedule. Each film is 45 minutes long and requires the technical assistance of Chinese equipment and projectionists. Quality 16 prepared for the 3-D/4-D debut by updating theater equipment with a new screen, a “super-bright” lamphouse, two new 3-D projectors and 4-D special effects equipment.

Three of the four films are productions of nWave Pictures, the corporate creation of Golden Globe Nominee Ben Stassen and Belgium based D&D Entertainment Group. Since 1994, nWave has created specialized software for the “location based entertainment market” and the “large film format industry” such as IMAX films.

The theater staff concluded that “3-D Mania” is the most entertaining of the four films offered. Ben Sassen co-stars with horror movie mistress Elvira to introduce the history of 3-D movies. The film is set in Sassen’s hi-tech lab and includes a flying robotic side-kick. Reminiscent of a Disney theme ride, Sassen entertains viewers with light-hearted banter and provides clips of original 3-D films.

The “Haunted Castle” is mostly comprised of computer-generated imagery and allows for complete immersion within the film’s dark castle, an underworld realm of despair. The film follows a young musician as he returns to the home of his recently deceased mother. He must choose between selling his soul to become, like his mother, a successful rock star or resist the tiny, flying gargoyles and return to reality. Warning – the visual 4-D effects and music are mystifying and will produce intense sensory stimulation.

“Alien Adventure” combines the extraordinary realms of 3-D magic with the cosmology of aliens in the exploration of a new frontier. Instead of chartering a new home, the Glagolith aliens stumble upon an amusement park. The mothership and audience follow the Glagolith explorers during their outrageous experiences produced on the creatively titled Adventure Planet.

The 3-D/4-D films also include one IMAX production. In “Wings of Courage,” featuring Val Kilmer (“Top Gun”) and Craig Sheffer (“Hellraiser: Inferno”), a 1930s postal carrier becomes deserted in the Andes after his plain crashes. The true story conveys the determination of a man deeply infatuated with his distant wife.

Thus far, opening day has had the second highest attendance of the 3-D/4-D festival with half of the proceeds donated to the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit Ronald McDonald House Charities. Whether it be for added Halloween season entertainment, an opportunity for community contribution, or participation within the newest wave of film technology, Quality 16 offers the ultimate film experience.

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