5. Seth Rogen – The stoic star of the hilarious college-sitcom “Undeclared” (recently released on DVD). He even outshines Steve Carrell in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” which he co-wrote, with sarcastic and filthy humor.

Eston Bond
Courtesy of Universal


4. “Indecision: A Novel” – Benjamin Kunkel’s debut novel about a 20-something New Yorker suffering from, you guessed it, chronic indecision, delivers on an interesting premise. A failed reunion with a former crush and a hallucinogenic trip through a South American forest are two of the highlights of an insightful look into the literary world’s new apathetic hero. Read the book before mega-producer Scott Rudin’s film adaptation becomes one of 2007’s critical darlings.


3. Deadspin.com – Deadspin, the newest blog from the Gawker Media empire, focuses on the more absurd side of sports. With videos of athletes’ late-night antics in Las Vegas, stories from inside the locker room and an unhealthy obsession with ESPN.com god Bill Simmons, the site is a must-read for sports fans everywhere.


2. HBO on Demand – After finally leaving the dorms, I’ve discovered the wonderful world of recorded TV. With saved episodes of “The Sopranos,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Entourage,” homework-burdened students never have to worry again about missing their favorite shows again. And with so many free movies at your disposal, there’s always an excuse to take a TV break.


1. David Banner – With only a thesis between him and a master’s in education, the summer’s best single (“Play”) and a frantic live show that has left audiences and critics amazed, David Banner is set to blow up. Look for his upcoming album Certified (dropping next week) which will hopefully teach The College Dropouts how to write a verse.


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