Six University students have been nominated to represent the leaders and best overseas.

The University Provost’s Council on Student Honors has nominated six students for three of academia’s most prestigious scholarships — the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University, the Marshall Scholarship, which places students in the United Kingdom and the Mitchell Scholarship in Ireland.

The University’s nominees are LSA senior Ana Guay, LSA graduate Zeinab Khalil, LSA senior Stephanie Leitzel, Engineering graduate David Moore, LSA senior James Nadel, and Kevin Bain, a Business senior with dual enrollment in LSA. These students will compete with thousands of others for one of the few coveted spots offered by these elite scholarship organizations.

University Provost Martha Pollack will host a reception Monday where the nominated students will speak. Students interested in applying for the scholarships in the future are also invited to attend.

Leitzel was the only University student nominated for the Mitchell Scholarship. Leitzel said prospective students first apply to a University committee that selects the nominees.

“You prepare for it for quite a while,” she said. “You apply to Michigan first and there’s a committee at Michigan that selects people for the Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell.”

Leitzel decided to apply to the Mitchell Scholarship because of her fascination with Irish culture and history. The Mitchell Scholarship awards as many as 12 winners per funded year of study at any university in Ireland. Leitzel said the scholarship would be a “perfect fit” for her, as she hopes to become a historian with a specialty in medieval Ireland.

“I love Ireland and I just want to live and study there for a year,” she said. “So I hope they’ll see that when they look at my application.”

James Nadel is also interested in European history. He was nominated for the Marshall Scholarship, a scholarship for study at a number of institutions in the United Kingdom. Nadel wants to spend a year studying Sephardic culture at the University of Cambridge.

Nadel, who is the managing editor of the Michigan Journal of History, said the role not only prepared him for studies as a Marshall Scholar, but also stimulated his interest in many different subjects.

“We get so many submissions, and having to read all of them has really jump-started a lot of my other intellectual pursuits,” Nadel said. “It definitely allows you to see a lot of different historical contexts that you can then choose your favorites from.”

Nadel said out of nearly 1,000 students nominated for the Marshall scholarship, 40 are ultimately selected. He said the University’s support would benefit him in the selection process.

“Michigan presents a really good case for me, which is always nice to hear,” he said.

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated the school from which David Moore graduated. He is a graduate of the College of Engineering.

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