The teaser trailer for “Project X,” which is due for release next March, calls the film “a celebration of bad behavior.” Considering its characters are a bunch of partying teens, that is ultimately a somewhat bland description, which matches the unoriginal impression the film leaves.

Project X

Warner Bros. Pictures

It starts out promisingly, with young teen Thomas speaking into a video camera “Blair Witch”-style and telling his parents about the out-of-control house party he just had. Then, we see the party itself, an epic bacchanalia of sex, alcohol and flamethrowers, which is actually a last-ditch effort for Thomas and his friends to make a name for themselves before graduating high school.

Teasers should tease and the first trailer for “Project X” certainly does. But the way it teases is somewhat manipulative: It tells a classic but thin story to draw viewers in, but leaves out the details that would actually differentiate the film. In lieu of originality, the trailer inserts a plethora of sexuality — images of girls staring seductively into the camera (both with and without popsicles in their mouths) are combined with scenes of girls dancing around promiscuously and stepping out of a pool. It might be enough to entice the target demographic, but it also shows how little “Project X” may really have to offer in terms of story.

If “Project X” can develop its story into something more complex in coming trailers, it may gain buzz among young and college-aged viewers. At this point, though, the teaser is little more than eye candy.

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