NORTHVILLE (AP) – Five years after helping start a project to improve the lives of children in Afghanistan by building a school and medical clinic, a teacher is getting other children involved in similar efforts.

Khris Nedam, a third-grade teacher at Amerman Elementary School and sponsor of a project called Kids4AfghanKids, is leading the drive to raise funds for expanding the Jamaluddine Wardak Primary School in the Wonkhai Valley of Afghanistan.

Nedam told The Detroit News for a story yesterday that the goal is to add three classrooms to the six already in place, along with a library and tin roof. The addition will cost around $43,000.

“We’re just getting started,” said Nedam, who spent three years teaching in Afghanistan in the 1990s.

The expansion comes after another group of sixth-grade students Nedam taught at Meads Mill Middle School raised $100,000 to build the original school and medical clinic, which opened in March 2001.

The project started in 1998 after Nedam asked a former colleague from the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington to speak to her sixth-grade class about conditions in his family’s homeland. Moved by what they heard, the students decided a school and medical clinic would have the biggest effect. They collected cans, sold stationary, and staged a used book sale to raise $100,000 over a three-year period.

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