How does one describe Guster? Start with the perfect blend of the vastly contrasting guitarists. There’s Adam Gardner, the preppy, clean-cut, quiet one. His more reserved, backseat style allows Ryan Miller’s outgoing, fun-loving style to shine through. It is apparent that Miller loves being on stage, and he makes sure the audience has as much fun as he does throughout the concert. Behind the two guitarists/singers is Brian Rosenworcel, but he’s hardly just a beat-keeper. Switching between his bongos and drums, his unique style of stickless playing projects a powerfully contagious exuberance that sweeps through the crowd in a totally unique fashion. Together, this trio put on a show that grabbed the audience’s attention from the opening song, and didn’t put them down until long after the concert had ended.

Guster played a variety of songs from their first three albums, including favorites such as “Two Points for Honesty,” “Airport Song” and “Barrel of a Gun.” Varying their normal performance style, they did some extra jamming on “Demons” and “I Spy,” and surprised fans by covering both U2 and Ben Folds. They even gave the audience a taste of what’s to come on their new album due out in June. In the middle of the set, and in true Ryan-style, he performed rousing renditions of the Tri-Lambs’ rap from “Revenge of the Nerds,” and the theme song of “The Lost World.”

The highlight of the night, however, was the first encore. After being introduced as the Gusters, they appeared on stage in black blazers, ties and black wigs, looking just like the Beatles. With their heads bobbing side to side, they played a few more songs, including a second performance of “What You Wish For,” in the British pop style. As if dressing and singing like the Beatles wasn’t enough, they even did a spin-off of the Monkees’ signature song, “Hey, hey, we’re the Gusters.”

While Guster may have only risen to its present fame through low-key publicity, the band’s following and popularity are growing rapidly. A Guster concert has become a guaranteed place for great music and a good time.

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