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Acclimating to a new environment can be difficult, a fact no one knows better than transfer students. However, the Transfer Student Affairs Commission is here to help.

Meeting every Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m., this CSG commission strives to make the transfer experience easier and more enjoyable for students.

LSA junior Tyler Mesman, chair of TSAC, said he understands how valuable these students are to the community.

“Transfer students are important to the composition of this campus because they bring greater diversity to the student population,” Mesman said.

Transfer students sometimes struggle to acclimate to the academic environment, get involved in extracurricular activities and find adequate housing. Differences aside, Mesman said he believes everyone on campus benefits from the presence of transfer students.

“The campus flourishes and everyone’s education is improved when transfer students bring their prior experiences and knowledge to the table,” Mesman said.

Mesman said commission members are working with staff in the Office of New Student Programs to create a CTools site specifically for transfer student to better connect them to resources and events on campus.

Additionally, the TSAC is working with the Transfer Year Experience community housed in the Northwood Apartment Complex, which is designed to facilitate to the unique needs of transfer students. The TSAC is hoping to continually improve this program so future transfer students have access to good housing.

“(Transfer students) have simply taken a different route to becoming a true blue Wolverine.”

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