“I feel very fortunate to have been allowed to spend the better part of my career learning how to be a useful part of a college classroom. From the study of group process in the ’50s and ’60s to an engagement in social and, necessarily, personal change in the ’60s and ’70s to an exploration of spiritual development over the past 25 years I have somehow found ways to explore questions that mattered deeply to me. “I am drawn, therefore, to seeing how each of us in the classroom can bring forward our most urgent concerns and do two things. One is to honor what we already know, especially what we know from our direct experience and contemplation. The second is to use the course material and the sharing of others in the room to move forward, to open up prematurely settled issues, to envision great goals for our lives and a complex set of strategies for reaching those goals. As the classroom comes to facilitate higher levels of self-inquiry, risk-taking and mutual respect I rediscover yet again how fortunate I am to be a part of all this.”

Paul Wong
– Photo and text by David Rochkind

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