1974 … This was the year photo Prof. Mike Hannum, fresh out of Art School at the University was asked to begin the photography program in the Residential College. Since then, he has seen many students gravitate toward different areas of photography. Hannum feels it is important to make students feel comfortable with different techniques and materials.

Paul Wong
– Photo and text by David Katz

He also believes that you have to be careful not to give students too much to grasp at one time. “It is important to get the student where they want to go in the shortest amount of time.You can’t teach them everything.”

In line with the general philosophy of the Residential College and their focus on small class size and personal attention, Hannum tries to treat each student on a case by case basis and adapt a personal curriculum for the semester to the individual.

“The bottom line is the student. Finding out with the student what they need to do and how we are going to get them there is what’s important.”

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