Michigan 108, Illinois 7

Play of the game – As the clock struck 00:00, the referee blew the whistle, ending the carnage of the game. There were many great plays that happened during the content, but the official’s decision to end this disaster of a game was certainly the most compasionate move of the game, and thus, the play of the game.

Player of the game – Take your pick: Michigan QB #7 threw for more than 500 yards and six scores. WR #13 had 313 yards receiving and WR #86 had 177 yards of his own before getting injured. RB #20 ran for 170 yards and four scores. The defensive effort was solid, too – LB #2 had four sacks, a forced fumble, a recovered fumble and a touchdown while CB #14 had three interceptions, taking one back for a score.

Press conference

Michigan coach Scott Bell:

“I would like to start by saying I am NOT happy about allowing a touchdown to coach Herman’s team. That’s unacceptable and will certainly be addressed in the coming week.”

“Did I run the score up at the end? Not really. I just thought our kicker could use a little practice with onside kicks … four times in a row.”

“An autograph during a press conference? That’s unprofessional. But hey, I can’t say no to a fan.”

“They’re actually bringing him up to the podium to talk after that disaster? Ha. Can I stay and watch?”

Illinois coach Jack Herman:

“I’m almost as bad at coaching as coach Wright is at being sane and coach Bromwich is at not have a terrible haircut. Almost.”

“OK, I looked at score again. Maybe I am worse.”

“Well, at least I still have my dignity. What’s that? Half-price night at Old Country Buffet? This press conference is over.”

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