Michigan State 45, Michigan 14

• Before every football game this season, two of the
Daily football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the
PlayStation 2.

• Play of the game — With the score tied at 14
in the third quarter, Michigan State’s QB No. 5 connected
with WR No. 10 — who, for some reason, was being covered by
Michigan’s DE No. 94 — on a fly route for an 84-yard
touchdown that put the Spartans up for good.

• Player of the game — Michigan State’s
QB No. 5 accounted for all six Spartan touchdowns. He threw for 361
yards and five touchdowns without an interception and ran for a
touchdown. QB No. 5 also added a two-point conversion for good

Press Conference Quotes:

Michigan State coach Gennaro Filice:

“Maybe the Wolverines were busy preparing for their
‘real rivalry game’ (air quotes utilized) down in

“I’m not really sure why coach Mattu tossed QB No.
12 out there to throw three interceptions just a few days after
reconstructive shoulder surgery.”

“No, I’ve never seen a Michigan offensive line give
up 11 sacks. Yes, I was happy Mattu would only run one-back
formations and refused to keep his tight end on the line to pass

“I thought I smelled alcohol on coach Mattu’s breath
before the game. And when he put QB No. 10 in at running back in
the fourth quarter and started running the halfback-pass offense, I
knew my pregame assessment had been spot-on.”

Michigan coach Sharad Mattu:

“Wait a minute. You’re saying QB No. 12 was supposed
to sit out for six to nine months? Months? I thought it was

“The performance of our offensive line was pathetic. Time
after time, his linebackers had no problem getting to the
quarterback. I opted to keep the offensive line we used at the
beginning of the season, but I regret it.”

“I don’t see why Filice is making a big deal of me
using a quarterback at running back. QB No. 10 was our best
offensive performer. And it wasn’t close.”

“The loss to Notre Dame was tough. The loss to Minnesota
was really tough. But this defeat to the Spartans will stay with me
for a long time. Probably until the Bowl Game. WHICH I AM

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