Before every football game this season, two of the Daily football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the PlayStation 2 (OR GAMECUBE!).

For this week’s matchup, coach Kyle O’Neill led the Ducks and J. Brady McCollough took the helm of the Wolverines.

Play of the game – Michigan WR No. 27 has been “making big plays his whole life” – at least according to Kirk Herbstreit. WR No. 27 went deep for the first time in his career on a play-action pass to bring Michigan within 28-14.

Player of the game – Oregon CB No. 2. As Lee Corso put it, this kid was a sack master. He had five tackles – all of them for a loss on the play. He’ll be showing up in Michigan QB No. 16’s nightmares as well with his three sacks and one interception. The kid even had a forced fumble in the second quarter. Though Michigan recovered it, it was a third down stop allowing his offense to get the ball back.

Press conference quotes:

Michigan coach J. Brady McCollough: 0-4. 0-4 in the last four years on the road in nonconference. I thought this team was different. I thought they were focused after last week’s drilling of O’Neill’s Irish. I’ve never been so disappointed in a group of men – I’m always this disappointed with a group of women – in my life. Drops. Injuries. Fumbles. Crying all game. Whining. Stop whining! What a bunch of babies. We’re putting Gerber on the sidelines next week against Indiana. Gah Gah Gooh Gooh. Questions?

Yes, that first drive of the game was a MICHIGAN drive. Meaning … we didn’t throw the ball once and ran the ball seven times for about 70 yards for the score. Things really fell apart when we tried to throw the ball to WR No. 1.

I got tired of watching QB No. 16 get sacked, so I went to the big guns and brought in WR No. 18. He’s the best video game quarterback I’ve ever seen. Of course, he was injured after his first (of what should have been many) 20-yard runs. CB No. 33 just didn’t cut it as a quarterback.

Oregon coach Kyle O’Neill: Well, what can I say? This was a new week, a new team and, most importantly, an old style of coaching for me. I went back to my underneath routes off the no-huddle that I avoided for some reason in last week’s game, and it paid off. Also, defensively I played a “dog, cover three” for most of the game, which I believe gave us our two of our three picks.

Just like last week, I am not here to mention any names – even in victory I will not do that – as this was a total team effort. And I’m proud of the way this group of outstanding human beings rallied together and fought back from that early 7-0 deficit. I really wish I could stick with them for the rest of the season. Questions?

No, I don’t believe coach McCollough had his “A” game today. I’m not going to downplay what we did today, but McCollough was far from his best.

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