Michigan 14

Minnesota 35

Wisconsin 28

Michigan 14

Michigan 21

Ohio State 28

Before every football game this season, two of the Daily football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the PlayStation 2.

But this week, Michigan wide reciever Ronald Bellamy decided he wanted in on the action, and took on Daily football writer Joe Smith in a battle of a guy who has actually played football (for Michigan, no less) and a guy who has a varsity letter in basketball from Sterling Heights High School (that’s Joe).

Bellamy took the helm of his own Wolverines and Smith coached Wisconsin.

Wide receiver Tyrece Butler also took on J. Brady McCollough in last week’s Minnesota-Michigan game, with Butler running Michigan. That game was won by McCollough and Minnesota 35-14. But there was not room in the Daily last week to run Procrastination Station, because Thursday the athletic department … yeah.

Finally, tight end Bennie Joppru waltzed in thinking he could unseat Daily football writer David Horn as champion and overlord of all things Madden. He couldn’t, and fell to Horn and the Buckeyes 28-21.

The Michigan Daily 3, University of Michigan football 0

Play of the three games – In the Wisconsin game, Michigan coach Ron Bellamy decided that not only should Michigan WR No. 19 and Michigan WR No. 9 return all punts and kicks, but they should also be the primary and secondary options on all offensive plays. While Michigan WR No. 19 and Michigan WR No. 9 played well enough on special teams, Coach Smith and his Badgers deserve play of the game honors for responding to the unorthodox substitutions.

Most unrealistic play of the three games – Probably when time stopped in the middle of the Joppru-Horn matchup. Joe’s PlayStation froze with three minutes left in the game, and Horn and Ohio State leading 21-13. Horn and Joppru agreed to restart, and play just three minutes, thereby simulating the game’s end. After a successful Joppru drive and two-point conversion, the game was tied with 1:17 remaining (3:17 remaining). Ohio State stalled out, and Horn was forced to punt. His special teams exepertise left Michigan and Joppru pinned on its own 5-yard line, and instead of taking a knee and playing for overtime, Coach Joppru decided to go for it. An interception by Ohio State CB No. 7 set up a last minute Ohio State touchdown and a victory for Horn.

Player of the three games – Michigan TE No. 83 caught 10 passes for 280 yards and two touchdowns in the Ohio State-Michigan game. When the PlayStation froze, Coach Bennie Joppru was heard to remark, “Damn. Now I’m not going to be player of the game.” The coach obviously feels a special kin with his players.

Press conference quotes:

Wisconsin head coach Joe Smith: I’d have to say that I was quite shocked when Coach Bellamy immediately decided to switch his playbook from the Michigan offense to the University of Florida’s. I thought the new offense in Ann Arbor was supposed to be more wide receiver friendly? But Coach Bellamy just chuckled at the thought, and subsequently watched his spread offense sputter.

Minnesota head coach J. Brady McCollough: It is tough to comment on my 21-point victory against coach Butler. I stopped paying attention at the end of the first quarter. Minnesota QB No. 8 was unstoppable on the ground and through the air, and once I established my mobile quarterback, I could see the dejection in coach Butler’s eyes. He kept trying to throw deep to get back in it, but my corners were just too good. Outstanding, in fact.

Ohio State head coach David Horn: I’ll admit that I was a bit intimidated by the trash talking coming from Coach Joppru. And all the double teaming of Michigan TE No. 83 didn’t seem to do the trick. But nobody – and I mean nobody – walks into Joe’s house and beats me at PlayStation. Except Joe, who did it two weeks ago in the Michigan State game.

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