Michigan 42

Purdue 0

• Before every football game this season, two of the
Daily football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the
PlayStation 2.

• Play of the game — Up 35-0, Michigan called
timeout with one second left. Then QB No. 12 took a snap from
shotgun, rolled to his right and hit WR No. 17 in the corner of the
endzone for the game’s final score.

• Players of the game — Michigan’s LT
No. 79 embarrassed the Purdue defensive line, recording 17 pancakes
in the game.

Press conference quotes:

Michigan coach Gennaro Filice:

“Is my name Lloyd Carr? Hell naw! This is ‘Filice
ball,’ and runnin’ it up for style points is a

“I was a little surprised that Purdue’s QB No. 18
went 0-for-9, but I was more surprised that he only tossed up nine
balls. And when Coach Hunt started running goalline formations on
third-and-eight, I was just flabbergasted.”

“Yes, I believe Coach Hunt will be fired, and yes it will
be tomorrow, if not right now.”

“What true freshman QB? QB No. 12 passed for 390 yards and
three touchdowns. I guess he didn’t need shoulder


Purdue coach Bob Hunt:

“There’s not much to say here. We were outcoached
and outplayed. Although coach Filice ran it up at the end, I was
surprised that we did not lose by more.”

“The passing game? Who said that we passed a lot here? I
thought this was Big Ten football. This is the alma mater of Mike

“Yeah, we did lose badly. But I was expecting worse. If I
had to play it again, we would likely have been more

“Uh, are we done yet?”

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