Ohio State 47

Michigan 28

The magic of The Big Game was not lost on the PlayStation 2. After handing over the reigns to Raphael Goodstein and Arun Gopal for one week, Jeff Phillips and Jon Schwartz were back for the Michigan-Ohio State showdown.

For this week”s matchup, coach Phillips led the home Wolverines and coach Schwartz took the helm for the visiting Buckeyes.

Play of the game Late in the game, with Michigan driving, QB No. 16 threw to WR No. 19, who ran for 30 yards before stepping out of bounds at the one-yard line. On the next play, CB No. 37 intercepted a ball that he couldn”t have possibly seen because he was looking directly at Michigan WR No. 4.

Most unrealistic play of the game See above.

Player of the game Ohio State QB No. 8. Despite rumors that he would not play, QB No. 8 threw for 367 yards and six touchdowns. He also ran for 21 yards.

Michigan key stats

Passing: QB No. 16 15-of-36, 389 yards passing, 3 TDs

Rushing: RB No. 23 8 carries, 19 yards, 1 TD

Receiving: WR No. 4 5 receptions, 178 yards, 1 TD WR No. 82 4 receptions, 101 yards

Defense: FS No. 26, 5 tackles LB No. 6, 5 tackles, 1 sack CB No. 12, 4 tackles.

Ohio State key stats

Passing: QB No. 8 14-of-19, 367 yards passing, 6 TDs

Rushing: RB No. 28 17 carries, 89 yards, 1 TD

Receiving: WR No. 82 4 receptions, 174 yards, 3 TDs WR No. 12 3 receptions, 74 yards, 2 TDs

Defense: FS No. 25, 5 tackles LB No. 10, 4 tackles (1 for loss), 1 sack CB No. 37, 3 tackles, 1 INT

Press conference quotes:

Michigan head coach Jeff Phillips:

I am disappointed to end the season on such a low note, but you”ve got to throw a dog a bone. Coach Schwartz should live this up I would if I won for the first time in two months

This is pretty embarrassing, but at the same time really embarrassing. I don”t like being embarrassed

I would say that QB No. 16″s interception in the endzone lost us any chance of winning the game. I like to blame others for my problems, so he is my target. Yeah, he lost me the game

I”m proud of my team if we are in opposite land

Ohio State head coach Jon Schwartz:

What”d I tell you 310 days ago? That you”d be proud. I was proud. Sure, my prediction was ridiculous, something that I never should have done because Michigan always beats us, but I was right. So ha

Where you at Cooper? Thinking about Kansas now, are ya? Looking for a job? Say “bitch be cool”

This flat out sucks. I coached Ohio State because I never win and I didn”t want Michigan to lose

Whatever QB No. 8″s been drinking, he should keep it up because it sure as hell worked out there

The weaknesses in Phillips” offense (read: QB No. 16) were exploited easily by my soldiers

I”m glad the season is just about over because now I can play SSX Tricky and predict how the Michigan snowboarding team will do

I guarantee that Ohio State fans will be proud in 364 days.

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