Before every football game this season, two of the Daily’s football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the PlayStation 2 and then let you know what happened.

Michigan 29
Ohio State 33

Play of the game

Ohio State completed a pass to WR #80 in the end zone with 19 seconds left, but WR #80 came out of the end zone to make the catch. The Buckeyes hurried to the line, and QB #7 snuck it in before the defense was set for the late lead. Michigan had just 11 seconds to score, and it wasn’t enough.

Player of the game

Ohio State WR #4: The receiver punished Michigan for bringing his safeties up every play, scoring two long touchdowns in the game.

Press conference

Michigan coach Scott Bell:
“Bromwich cheated. The refs cheated. The game cheated.”


“It’s hard to win when WR #86 decides to get hurt in the first quarter of every fricking game I control Michigan.”

“I’m still ending the year with by far the best record out of anyone. “

Ohio State Coach Daniel Bromwich:
“Excuses excuses. Bell lost, and he threw a tantrum. I’d expect nothing else from the sore loser.”

“Did WR #86 get hurt? Yes. So did my starting quarterback and my No. 2 cornerback. I don’t want to hear it.”

“Bell was a good opponent. He was gracious throughout the game. Mostly. He growled for most of the first half instead of talking, though. That was weird.”

“Bell guaranteed victory this week. Just so you know.”

(To view a live blog of this game, visit Daily Sports’ blog, The Game.)

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