Before every football game this season, two of the Daily’s football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the PlayStation 2 and then let you know what happened.

Michigan 14
Wisconsin 46

Play of the game

Wisconsin’s WR #19 caught his first touchdown of the game on a third-and-long. He blew past CB #5 for the 70-plus yard score on the game’s opening drive. The Badgers never lost that lead.

Player of the game

Wisconsin WR #19: Coach bell swapped him to the weak side time and time again and punished Michigan deep. WR #19 ended up with three touchdowns and more than 200 yards receiving.

Press conference

Michigan coach Jack Herman:
“Well, as my mentor Rich Kotite would say, I was proud of the boys out there. They really improved from last week, and that’s all I can ask from them. In fact, I’m so happy, I bought Tasty Cakes for everyone.”

“It was very suspicious that once again, coach Bell’s Playstation froze before the game was over. I demand someone investigate this serious issue. I think we’re sitting on Watergate here.”

Wisconsin coach Scott Bell:
“The game froze with 10 seconds left. You should look into whining less and defending the deep ball more.”

“Congrats on not losing by 101, by the way. Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps.”

“Next week should be epic. I was obviously looking ahead, which is why I didn’t beat coach Herman by triple digits again. I’m going to coach for Michigan, while I hear coach Bromwich has been hired by Ohio State. Let’s just say the Buckeyes won’t be leaving Ann Arbor undefeated — I guarantee it.”

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