Michigan 20, Illinois 14

• Before every football game this season, two of the Daily
football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the
PlayStation 2.

• Play of the game — After scoring a late touchdown
to come within six, Illinois went for an onside kick. Instead of
the traditional strategy, Illinois hit a high pooch kick that
should have been caught by LB No. 45. But he dropped the kick, and
Michigan CB No. 30 recovered. This allowed Michigan to run out the

• Players of the game — Michigan’s RB No. 24
ran for six carries for 55 yards, but had the 40-yard game-winning
touchdown scamper.

Press conference quotes:

Illinois coach Chris Burke:

“Well, last time I checked I’m 5-1, not 1-5 this
year. And we’ll bounce back … wait, what team did I coach
this week? Illinois? Oh … then we won’t bounce back. This
was our one chance and … we … blew it (sobs

“Sorry, I’m fine now. Except with LB No. 45. I
can’t believe he dropped that onside kick — though we
dropped every other ball today, so whatever.”

“I take some pride in the fact that coach Hunt had to run
the Wing-T with WR No. 18 at quarterback. Then he used both QB No.
12 and the freshman QB. He obviously felt the need to go Cheapy
McCheaperson in order to win this game. But I’ll come back
— I’ll get my sixth win next time.”


Michigan coach Bob Hunt:

“I have to say that we were surpised by the special onside
kick, and it should have worked. I give credit to coach Burke to
catching us off guard.”

“I thought the special formation I created with WR No. 18
at quarterback, WRs No. 1 and No. 8 at tight end and three running
backs would work more effectively.”

“I admit it. If I had lost to Illinois, I would not have
been able to live with myself.”

“I have accepted the challenge to take the reins on Purdue
against coach Gennaro Filice next week. We’ll have our work
cut out for us.”

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