Play of the game

Before every football game this season, two of the Daily’s football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the PlayStation 2 and then let you know what happened.

– With Eastern Michigan driving late in the fourth quarter, trailing just 20-12, QB #12 dropped back on 4th and 10. He found WR #3 wide open on a curl route just past the marker. WR #3 caught the pass, but when he tried to make his move, he stepped back over the first-down line and was immediately tackled, ending up short of the first down. With just 1:30 remaining in the game, RB #20 sealed the deal with a 78-yard touchdown run.

Player of the game

– Michigan’s QB #7 (8-of-15, 208 yards, two total touchdowns). Even though he missed a wide-open WR #13 on several long passes, he found WR #80 on one long pass in the first half and WR #13 on a bomb in the second.

It helped that every time Michigan went deep, Eastern’s cornerbacks decided the best method of defense was to wait until the receivers were past them, and then chase from behind.

Press conference

Michigan coach Scott Bell:

“It didn’t help that I didn’t have WR #86 or WR #16. But it did help that Eastern is just plain awful.”

“Every member of both our special teams units needs to have his scholarship revoked. Five blocked kicks? What the hell? I think our offensive line tried getting the kicks blocked on purpose because they knew the kicker would miss anyways. At least blocks look cool.”

“It wasn’t a pretty win, but I guess it wasn’t as ugly as that Jack Herman kid.”

Eastern Michigan coach Daniel Bromwich:

“I don’t think my receivers have hands. Seiously. They might not possess the necessary body parts to make catches. Nine drops? Come on!”

“I don’t think it’s fair that Michigan injured starting QB #8 early in the 4th quarter. That defense was playing dirty, hitting him after the throw on every play. Don’t believe me? Nine roughing-the-passer penalties were called, and I even declined one. An injury was bound to happen.”

“At least I coached better than former Michigan coach Jack Herman. He sucks.”

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