Michigan: 41
USC: 35

Play of the game – Leading by just six late in the fourth quarter, Michigan QB #7 found WR #86 on a 10-yard completion on a fourth-and-four play. Michigan went on to score on the drive, effectively ending the game.

Player of the game – Michigan CB #14: With Michigan holding a slim 21-14 lead, CB #14 stepped in front of a USC QB #10 pass and returned it 31 yards for a Wolverine score.

Michigan coach Kevin Wright:

“This win was for all my critics entering the season.”

“After my embarrassing losses in NCAA March Madness, no one thought I had the cognitive capacity to compete in this game. Well, I guess I proved them wrong.”

USC coach Matt Singer:

“What have I learned from this season? Mom was right. Those thousands of hours of video games really were a waste of time.”

“Where I’m from, an onside kick needs to go 10 yards for it to be recovered. We did that, but the zebra stripes weren’t paying attention.”

“There are a lot of pretty girls in Southern Cal. I have a feeling QB #10 was staring at one of them during the second and third quarters. There are no other explanations for him playing so poorly.”

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