• Before every football game this season, two of the Daily
football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the
PlayStation 2.

• Play of the game — With Indiana up 35-28 in the
final minute of the game, QB #10 scrambled for 26 yards —
converting a long third down in the process. Michigan DE #56 had a
chance at a sack, but dove into the ground, allowing #10 to


Press conference quotes

Michigan coach Bob Hunt: “There’s not much to say
after a loss like this. I was feeling good after the 58-10 warm-up
game against coach Brian Schick, but it was no match for what I was
about to face.”

“My actions on and off the field have forever disgraced
Michigan football, and anyone else ever associated with

“The shoe thrown was not directed at Coach Burke,

“Well, we played good special teams.”

“Don’t worry, after his touchdown, TE No. 88 is
surely the player of the game.”

Indiana coach Chris Burke: “Let me start by saying that I
was very shocked and surprised when coach Hunt threw his shoe at me
after that last first-down run.”

“I didn’t expect to put 35 points up … but I also
didn’t expect the Wolverines to use three quarterbacks.
We’re sorry to hear their freshman QB broke his

“No, our crowd didn’t help. It was like a mime
convention in there.”

“I can’t imagine Indiana has ever had a bigger win.
But I also know nothing about Indiana football history. I know it
was probably one of the worst losses in Michigan history. I do know
that. Coach Hunt may never coach again.”

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