Michigan 21

Notre Dame 42

• Before every football game this season, two of the Daily
football writers will take the weekend’s matchup to the
PlayStation 2.

• For this week’s matchup, Sharad Mattu coached the
Wolverines and Chris Burke took the helm for the Fighting

• Play of the game — Down 21-14, Michigan QB #12
fires an errant pass that is picked off by Notre Dame’s CB
#24 and returned for a touchdown. Tough to run an out-and-in when
TE #88 refuses to cut in.

• Player of the game — Notre Dame QB #10. All the
hype for Michigan’s defense went straight out the window as
QB #10 went 16-for-27 for 403 yards and three touchdowns, all the
while picking on Michigan CB #3, who was burned repeatedly.

Press conference quotes:

Michigan coach Sharad Mattu: “Before Wednesday’s
practice, QB #7 notified me that his shoulder was feeling sore. We
had planned on playing both him and QB #12. (Sigh) Maybe next

“No, our other QB #7.”

“I have total confidence in HB #5. We didn’t run the
ball because that was what the defense gave us. Now, QB #12 had
four interceptions, so we’ll have to go back and look at the

“Now why would you ask a stupid question like

“We’ll make up for this next year. We’ll be be
doing 42 pushups and 42 wind sprints for the next 52

Notre Dame coach Chris Burke: “Well, 38-0 is a
distant memory. We could have ended it 35-21, but … well … have
fun with that for the next year Michigan.”

“WR #5 had 183 yards and WR #21 had 154 yards. I
don’t have anything to say — except this —
Michigan couldn’t have covered a 5-year-old today.”

“My guess is that HB #5 won’t start for Michigan
next week. I’m pretty sure three carries for -2 yards is one
of the worst performances in the history of football.”

“Yes, we fumbled seven times. But we only lost three of
them. Next question.”

“Four picks for QB #12. He’s still hurt … at
least, I hope he is.”

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