On Friday, the 15th Judicial District Court sentenced Antoine James, a former University employee who briefly stole a University bus, to a fine and 12 months probation.

The former University student was pulled over by University Police on Interstate 94 in Ypsilanti when driving a University bus early in the morning on Friday, Sept. 21.

As part of his probationary requirements, James is required to complete a three-day community service program before March 31. Additionally, he was fined a $440 fine.

During the sentencing, Washtenaw County District Judge Elizabeth Hines granted James an extension for the fee due to financial constraints. Hines added that James is prohibited from drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs during the 12-month probationary period and must submit for random alcohol testing.

James was able to steal the bus because he had kept his keys after being dismissed from his job two years ago, according to a police report obtained by The Michigan Daily. James used the keys to enter the bus parking lot and take a Blue Bus. According to police, James had alcohol in his system at the time of his arrest .

At his sentencing, James did not reveal his reasons for attempting to steal the bus but told the judge that he under a lot stress from being unemployed.

At the hearing, James said he completed four years at the University and will continue his education at Michigan State University. His attorney, Gina Noveskey, said he is currently unemployed, but has submitted numerous job applications recently.

“I look forward to just putting this whole thing behind me,” James said.

Hines said she hopes to close the case on Nov. 19, 2013 at 10 a.m.

Correction appended: Due to an editing error, there was an incorrect byline on a previous version of this article.

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