“Desperate Housewives” isn’t your ordinary
television program. For one thing, a central character kills
herself in the opening minutes of the first episode. While this
might seem tragic to some, the nosy next-door neighbor’s
reaction is relief that now she doesn’t have to return the
woman’s blender. It’s this tone that establishes the
backbone for “Desperate Housewives,” a new comedy that
doesn’t take itself seriously and uses its humorous writing
and outlandish atmosphere to create one of this season’s most
surprising, unique programs.

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“Let me read you this letter from my backwoods friends …” (Courtesy of ABC)

“Housewives” may best be best described as
“Arrested Development” meets “Sex and The
City,” as the show follows around several married women who
are frustrated for one reason or another. Tying it all together is
Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), the dead woman who serves as the
narrator for the series and for her friends’ eccentric
day-to-day lives. This cast of peculiar women all have their fair
share of problems.

First, and most importantly, is Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), the
divorced mom looking to get with the new neighborhood hunk (James
Denton). While this seems to be the primary storyline, a second
plot line with an overly sophisticated mother (Marcia Cross) who
drives her family crazy is also entertaining. Whether it’s
Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria), the sex-crazed model who hooks up
with her gardener, or the career woman (Felicity Huffman) who is
now overwhelmed by her four kids, each of Mary Alice’s
friends are totally different and likable in their own way.

The show manages to bring a fresh comedic approach without being
so over-the-top that the gags become inane. Sure, the flashbacks of
Susan’s enemy Brit (Nicollette Sheridan) seducing everyone
from the cable guy to the neighborhood priest are silly, but this
storytelling device moves the plots along and helps the viewer keep
all the women straight. The men are simply there to either
frustrate, annoy or intrigue the women. Gabrielle mowing the lawn
in her evening gown so her husband won’t find out about her
affair is downright hilarious. After all, they’re desperate
housewives for a reason.

Both the characters and the humor are given ample time to
develop and that’s the powerful combination that made
“Desperate Housewives” used to be the top-rated show in
the country last week. The group conversations they have scream
“Sex and The City,” but these are kept to a minimum so
the show can develop it’s own personality. It’s already
off to a tremendous start and as long as the show keeps the
originality and the sex appeal flowing, viewers will continue to
tune in.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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