1. When you pry the shutters from the office wall
be sure to let the dayspring’s foremost teeth
nip loose the clutched fibers of your thawing skin.

2. When you sweep the chick-down yellow shutters
it’s fairly important that you brush musically,
rendering ear-bud tremor to gambol-dance tempo.

3. While scooping up the shutters for relocation
you must ornament your half-shucked body in sun,
making sure to gratefully receive all orisons of heat.

4. When the shutters are scrubbed with the jolly suds
you cannot forget to bow to the bubble-built castles
stoutheartedly sliding down the unzipped wood grain.

5. When you—on high pressure—hose down the shutters
it is greatly advised that you celebrate the cool clack and
splash on the slats as if they were your own toasty vertebrae.

6. When you have the faded shutters all ready for painting,
leaned along in the garage like spotless flaxen piglets
suckling at the sow,
have five strawberries.

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