While Tommy Amaker and the Michigan coaching staff are excited about the possibility for immediate contribution from this year”s freshmen class, they are also wary of the time it takes for young kids to adjust to the college game.

Here is their mixed reaction towards the class.

Michigan coach Tommy Amaker:

“I think the three freshmen are kids that have worked hard and showed that they can play at this level. As most young players, they show flashes, while also showing inconsistency. They need to learn to compete, not just play, but compete each and every day.”

Michigan assistant coach Chuck Swenson:

“Any coach, you try to be loyal to your seniors and give them first shot. But there”s only two true scholarship players in the senior class Obviously because we”re a deep team, all the freshmen have to be prepared to play. I could see them all getting significant minutes.”

Michigan assistant coach Billy Schmidt:

“With all freshmen, the biggest adjustment is speed and intensity. They need to be able to think quicker. But the reality is that we need them to contribute right away.”

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