Snowboarding games have exploded onto the videogame landscape in
recent years, but the “SSX” series stands high above
the rest. Originally a launch title for the PS2, the latest edition
in the franchise, “SSX 3,” is the first fully developed
sequel as “SSX Tricky” was simply an expanded version
of the first game. EA Sports Big’s new game is easily the
best snowboarding game on the market.

Janna Hutz
Up, down, left, right, a, b, start. (Courtesy of EA Sports Big)

With breathtaking slopes and peaks, “SSX 3’s”
graphics blow away the competition. Each selectable character
features a unique look, distinct personality and voice keeping
“SSX” with a distinctive feel. The cartoon style
enables the game’s runs to become increasingly insane both
visually and in difficulty. The soundtrack is loaded with diverse
rock, hip-hop and techno tunes perfectly complementing the frenetic

The structure of the competitions and levels has changed
drastically. Instead of each run being separate, the trails all
spread off of multiple peaks and divergent paths. Exploring the
tracks unlocks secrets and more peaks for racing. There are other
events that can be played beyond the main single-player venture
including time trials or trick attacks, and multiplayer versions of
the single player modes are available that add to the

Controlling the shredders is a breeze. Fans of the past two
installments will have no problems mastering the controls. Every
slope offers countless opportunities for big air and in turn, huge
trick combos. The challenge to pull off tricks of increasing scores
should keep the gameplay fresh for a long time.

“SSX 3”has no real competition among snowboarding
fans until the release of Nintendo’s next “1080.”
However, the game is nearly flawless to fans of the genre. EA
Sports Big continues its success with yet another great game that
should appeal to anyone interested in extreme or winter sports.

Rating: 4 stars.









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