After seeing Linkin Park and Jay-Z combine songs to sell records, Daily sports writers turned Weekend Magazine columnists Bob Hunt and Ellen McGarrity figured, why not combine columns? The two decided to take turns bantering about the pop culture topics we’ve all been asking.

Angela Cesere
Angela Cesere


When was Ashlee Simpson’s career over: before or after the Orange Bowl?

Ellen: Before! I remember having no choice but to watch her MTV show last summer because it was the only channel they played at my gym. She was always complaining about her throat being sore … Hello! The problem is more severe than just a sore throat – the girl CAN’T SING! But I’m glad the Orange Bowl booing happened because now the whole nation understands what a freeloader this girl is.

Bob: First of all, it was acid reflux disease — not a sore throat. But while it’s been clear from the beginning that Ashlee Simpson is a creation of MTV marketing, I think America was willing to give her another chance after “Saturday Night Live.” I mean, aren’t most pop singers a creation of “TRL?” But after what happened down in Miami, enough was enough. It was then time for everyone to move onto the next pop creation. But at least Ashlee still has the riveting next season of her show!


Who was the bigger early-’90s icon: Zach Morris from “Saved from the Bell” or Brandon Walsh from “Beverly Hills 90210?”

Bob: For kids in college right now, Zach Morris defined a generation. Those stories each Saturday morning of how they could save the day by forming a lemonade stand. Ah, the memories.

Ellen: Ohhhh! Such a hard question. I guess I’ll have to say Brandon because I was the girl who became obsessed with 90210 after it went into syndication. Brandon was totally cocky and had this power trip with all the girls he dated … but weren’t those sideburns great?


What is the better Tommy Amaker outfit: suit coat/polo, suit coat/turtleneck or suit coat/dark shirt?

Ellen: The suit coat/turtleneck is dorky, but it is always how I think of Tommy. It fits his personality. I say keep up that combo.

Bob: Frankly, for someone who cares so much about his image, I think that Tommy’s gameday dress has been ridiculous. I have always thought that Tommy should follow in the footsteps of Illinois coach Bruce Weber and wear a bright maize suit to each game. Just think about it.


Blonde celebrities going brunette and vise-versa: Yay or Nay?

Bob: After watching a few of these annual awards shows, like the Golden Globes, I could never understand why natural hair color wasn’t good enough. Then I saw a promo for last week’s Saturday Night Live and learned that Kelly Clarkson had gone from Brunette to Blonde. All I could think of was: Why? I think in most cases girls who change hair color clearly look trashier.

Ellen: It is getting kind of ridiculous how many blondes are going brunette — but there are a few who have made a smooth transition, like Reese Witherspoon and Renee Zellweger. Although Reese is best with blonde, Charlize Theron desperately needs to return to blonde.


Which is the hotter show: “The O.C.” or “Desperate Housewives?”

Ellen: Since I only have time in my schedule for one blockbuster show a week, I’ve chosen “The O.C.” Hot new stars, kind of reminiscent of “90210,” twisted plot lines … and a geeky yet ever-so-attractive guy as one of the main characters (you know I’m talking about Seth!). What more could I ask for?

Bob: Ellen, you’re kidding yourself. “The O.C.” was so last year. It’s clear that they ran out of story lines after one season. Just look at the lesbian hookup between Marissa and Seth’s recent girlfriend, Alex. It’s pretty apparent to me that the current storylines on that show are devised by throwing darts at a board. OK, Marissa … hooks up with … a lesbian. Go!

On the other hand, “Desperate Housewives” is so hot right now. Just look at the ascension of Eva Longoria. Honestly, had anyone heard of her before this show. Now America can’t live without knowing who she is dating. If you still aren’t convinced, I have two words for you: Teri Hatcher. I rest my case.


Who lost their virginity first: Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?

Ellen: This is a no-brainer — Lindsay. She’s been dressing like a Hilton since she was 16 and she’s already dated a 25-year-old.

Bob: Speaking of that, how did the dorky guy from “That ’70s Show” get with Lindsay Lohan? That’s like Screech Powers dating Kelly Kapowski. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan lost her virginity first. But I have a bigger question. Does anyone remember the time when these two were both fighting over Aaron Carter?


Which is the worse fashion statement: Ugg’s with skirts or Livestrong bracelets?

Bob: I think that the whole boots with skirts thing, in general, are underrated, not overrated. About Livestrong bracelets, I think anyone who wants to wear one should have to watch Lance Armstrong through an entire race on the Outdoor Life Network. Let’s see whose wearing those stupid pieces of rubber then.

Ellen: First off, I’m wearing Uggs! (but not with a skirt, definitely function over fashion during Michigan winters). The Livestrong bracelets are one of the most ridiculous trends I’ve ever seen. Especially when people start wearing more than one or more than one color — ahhhh! It reminds me of the “WWJD” bracelets back in middle school. Everyone at my school would wear like three or four on their wrists and ankles. I just didn’t feel like I needed an ugly piece of cloth — or with today’s trend an ugly piece of plastic — to remember the causes I believe in.

Bob: Wait, was that when you lived in Kentucky?

Ellen: Yeah.

Bob: Fair enough.


Who has the better sex tape: Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton?

Ellen: Ewww! Obviously, I haven’t seen either of them. But I was reading an US Weekly once and in the star tracks section, there was a picture of Paris and her LITTLE brother at a porn shop. Paris was buying HER OWN sex tape (which I guess is like $60, right?) while her brother bought other stuff. How trashy.

Bob: Wait, Paris has a little brother? He wasn’t in the Hilton Sisters “E! True Hollywood Story!” But regardless, from the footage of the Pamela/Tommy video shown on “I Love the ’90s,” it seems like that was more of a love video. Do you really need affection on a sex tape? It’s a sex tape!


Bob and Ellen also have thoughts about the Olsen twins and the break up of Brad and Jennifer. Bob can be reached at bobhunt@umich.edu and Ellen can be reached at emcgarri@umich.edu.

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