People often claim to have seen the worst movie of all time. The title following the claim is usually a recent box office flop like John Travolta”s space odyssey “Battlefield Earth” or a musician-turned-actor vehicle such as Vanilla Ice”s movie debut “Cool As Ice.”

Declarations of the worst films ever projected on the big screen are spewed out incessantly, oblivious to the existence of “Poor White Trash 2,” the true recipient of the crown. Never heard of it? We”ll get into the particulars later, but first a history lesson for the ill-informed.

The original “Poor White Trash,” alternately referred to as “Bayou,” was released in 1957 with the warning, “Due to the abnormal subject matter depicted in “Poor White Trash,” no-one under 17 will be admitted, and armed policemen will be on hand at all times!” The advertising campaign worked perverts hopped on their tractors and headed to the local drive-in to catch a glimpse of some Cajun skin, but many were let down by the lack of any risqu nudity. Seeing a pre-“Mission Impossible”

Peter Graves battle backwoods cretins wasn”t enough to pull the film together, as Oscar voters overlooked the low budget swill when the Academy Awards rolled around (David Lean”s “Bridge on the River Kwai” was the years big winner).

Hot off the heels of the economical horror flick “Don”t Look in the Basement,” director Sherald Brownrigg was poised to conquer the world of trashy cinema. For his next project the audacious filmmaker revisited the not so cult classic “Poor White Trash.” Plot elements remained the same a newlywed couple ends up in the woods with its grubby inhabitants in the ultimate battle of good and evil. The narrative is as exciting as a visit to Grandma Johnson at the nursing home. Time would be better spent watching a block of ice defrost in the microwave.

Aesthetically the film is less than pleasing. Most of the lighting looks as if the crew used flashlights to highlight the characters. Locations are kept to a bare minimum in the interest of budget and it seems as though the director used his house for the majority of filming when his mom went off to the grocery store for some 2 percent milk and a bag of Iced Animals. The acting you can”t even call it acting.

Nothing about the film works and I stress the word “nothing.”

Save yourself, avoid this film at all costs. Should you even be able to find a copy of “Poor White Trash 2” on VHS at the closest Blockbuster or Mom & Pop video store, demand they remove it from the shelves in the best interests of their customers.

The clogged toilet of a movie must be disposed of before any more innocent lives are subjected to the 90-minute bowel movement. United we stand.

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