October 31 isn’t until Wednesday this year, which, for the more costume-minded at least, makes for a full week of going out dressed up as a naughty nurse, Mitt Romney, a Rorschach blot or what have you. But sometimes the “best” ideas for costumes are better kept as ideas. Here are some, um, highlights from the weekend proper (starting Thursday):

In the Poor Taste Olympics, medals go to …

GOLD MEDAL, for “Too fucking soon” (if ever at all allowed): A girl wearing a Virginia Tech T-shirt and a gunshot wound painted on one side of her forehead.

GOLD MEDAL, on the grounds of “We hope you’re kidding”: Someone else wearing a tinfoil hat, an “I Love Bingo” sweatshirt and (I think) carrying a stuffed animal or other sort of toy. Said the medalist: “I’m a child retard, in case you were wondering.” Jesus.

GOLD MEDAL, earned by completely ignoring any and all social, political, cultural mores: Anyone who was in blackface last night – including, and especially, the person who tried to pass it off by saying he was supposed to be Samuel L. Jackson in “Pulp Fiction.”

SILVER MEDAL, inciting rage from PETA: Some combination of a Michael Vick jersey with stuffed animals, chains and fake blood.

BRONZE MEDAL, for slightly overdone (but sometimes still cute): Grapes made out of balloons (and leotards, of course).

To skip to something more light-hearted, but still debatable in different ways, Halloween among college folk is the best test case for what’s sexy and what’s slutty. It’s everyone’s chance to hit the bar or the Greenwood/Vaughn/Arch block party or the epic Luther House rager in her underwear, and to do it permissibly. There’s surprisingly more class in going dressed as Tinker Bell than as a librarian sometimes. But no one can judge – it’s Halloween, right? Let’s play a game of versus. As always, e-mail in your thoughts.


1. Tin-man in sparkle tights (we assume with little left to the imagination under her winter coat)

2. A robot “with his entire ass hanging out!”

3. “Babebraham Lincoln”

4. A pack of guys dressed as Leonidas and a few of his “300.” Tiny briefs!

5. Hypothetical – and there’s still a chance to do it, so please prove to us that this can happen – but magical costume: Sexy/Slutty Prof. Dumbledore.

This week in celebrities at football games: Verne Troyer (the “Austin Powers” films) attended the wet and wild win over Minnesota Saturday. Was not pleased when fans addressed him as “Hey, it’s Mini Me!”

– E-mail highsociety@umich.edu to tell us if you saw a sexy Dumbledore.

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