Students planning to vote at an on-campus polling site should
bring identification and knowledge of their voting site, as campus
safety measures implemented two years ago will change how voters
can enter some polling places.

All residence halls have a policy of controlled access to the
residence halls, which requires residents to swipe their Mcards in
order to gain entrance to the halls.

On election day, campus safety officials are planning to adjust
the policy for four residence halls that contain voting sites so
that voters can get into the halls and cast their ballots. Seven
voting sites are located in campus buildings, including South Quad,
East Quad, Bursley and Mary Markley residence halls. Non-residence
hall on-campus polling sites will be in the Michigan Union, the
Family Housing Community Center on McIntyre Drive and the Sports
Coliseum on South Fifth Avenue. Voters must cast their ballots at
the site to which they are assigned; polling site assignment
information can be found on Michigan’s elections website at

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Diane Brown said
controlled access will be suspended only at the doors closest to
the rooms in which voting will take place and only during the
regular polling times from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. She said the card
readers can be programmed to give access at specific times, and
that staff will be on hand to act as backup door openers in the
case of malfunction. “It seems pretty likely it’ll be
alright,” she said.

She added that police and security in these residence halls will
be heightened not only to monitor election sites, but also because
of the adjusted door-locking procedures. Voting sites will allow
strangers into the residence halls and could make the dorms more
vulnerable to criminal behavior.

Brown said although she does not know the specifics of each
residence hall, she does not believe polling sites will be
separated from residence hall living quarters by physical barriers.
However, she said security will conduct extra patrols of living
areas and suggested that students also be aware of their

“We strongly suggest to residents in those halls to be
extra vigilant of strangers in their hallways, of keeping their
belongings secure and not keeping their doors propped open,”
Brown said.

She said police and security personnel will be patrolling
“all of the sites and all of the buildings that the sites are
contained,” but would not be acting as polling site

On-Campus Polling Sites

Where to enter polling sites and what rooms

Michigan Union: Pond Room

Bursley: Main lobby, enter through main entrance

East Quad: Madrigal Lounge and Green Lounge.

South Quad: Yuri Kochiyama Lounge, enter through west entrance
off Madison Street

Family Housing Community Center: 1000 McIntyre Dr., multipurpose

Mary Markley: Sharangpani Lounge off main lobby

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