Police said yesterday that they have not found any evidence
supporting the recent hazing allegations within the Greek system,
although their investigation has not yet come to a close.

“We have nothing to pursue charges on at this time,”
added Lt. Chris Heatley, the coordinating detective investigating
the case at the Ann Arbor Police Department.

AAPD plans to meet with the fraternities and sororities
allegedly involved in hazing incidents by the end of this week. The
University announced two weeks ago that seven Greek houses were
being investigated for hazing-related incidents.

Heatley said after the AAPD’s investigation, police
determined that many of the accusations stemmed from rumors and not

“Rumors (involving the Greek system) get blown out of
proportion,” Heatley said.

The Hazing Taskforce, a group created by students in the Greek
community, is currently investigating all of the allegations. The
task force is an investigative unit, and not a judicial body.

Some of the allegations reported to the University more than two
weeks ago include heavy drinking, paddling, clothes being torn off
sorority members and obscenities being written in permanent marker
on pledges.

Lauren Frank, president of the Panhellenic Association, said the
fraternities and sororities under scrutiny will go through a
judicial process before punishments, if any, will be handed

She also said 14 new student members have been added to the task
force to help investigate.

“We are hoping to have the cases investigated and
completed by the end of this week,” said Alan Lovi, spokesman
for the Interfraternity Council.

Lovi said that depending on the results of the investigations,
the case will be brought before the Greek Activities Review Panel,
the judicial board that presides over the Greek system. “GARP
will come up with sentencing, and (the sentence will) be brought
before the president of IFC,” Lovi said.

“If the findings are serious enough, the houses could be
suspended or kicked off campus,” Lovi said.

The findings will be based on the results of the
taskforce’s investigation and the findings of individual
national chapters.

“All national organizations (of fraternities and
sororities) have been notified of the allegations,” Frank
said. “This is something we are taking very seriously, not
something being taken lightly.”

The University is also investigating the allegations through the
Office of Student Conflict Resolution, the unit that administers
the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, the
student’s conduct policy known as “the code.” No
one from the office was available to comment.

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