Police are investigating an incident that occurred at Chi Psi fraternity early Sunday morning, Chi Psi president Michael Taub said in an interview yesterday.

Detective Dave Monroe of the Ann Arbor Police Department told The Michigan Daily Sunday night that police responded to a report of alleged sexual assault at a party on the 600 block of S. State Street early Sunday morning.

Chi Psi is located at 620 S. State Street, but Taub wouldn’t confirm that the incident under investigation is a sexual assault.

“There’s not much that I can say,” he said. “The police have investigated an incident that was here.”

Taub didn’t have any information that might identify the suspect, but added that the suspect is not a member of the fraternity.

“The person that this affects is a person who is not affiliated at all with the fraternity,” he said. “He was not a guest at the event nor was he at all affiliated as a brother or pledge.”

Monroe told the Daily Sunday that both the accuser and the suspect were 18-year-old University students who knew each other before the incident, but couldn’t comment further because the investigation is ongoing.

AnnArbor.com is reporting that a Michigan football player was arrested and questioned regarding the incident and was released Sunday. Taub couldn’t confirm that the suspect is on the football team.

“I don’t know enough to confirm or deny that,” he said.

Asked whether or not the event on Saturday night was registered with the Interfraternity Council, Taub said he couldn’t comment.

Taub added that he couldn’t comment further on the incident because there is an ongoing police investigation.

“I really cannot give much more information that I have told you so far,” he said. “It’s an ongoing investigation, we don’t want to step on the toes of anyone, especially the police who have kept very quiet on this issue so we don’t want to interfere with anything that’s going on.”

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