Police made contact with 111 people at Saturday’s football game, the highest number on a game day since the 1997 game against Ohio State, when there were 138.

Of the 111 run-ins, 13 resulted in arrests. Police arrested eight people for minor in possession of alcohol, two for domestic violence, one for assaulting a police officer, one for retail fraud — a person was charged with stealing merchandise from an MDen store — and one for resisting and obstructing a police officer. The rest of the subjects were either cited or ejected from the game.

In an e-mail, University Police spokeswoman Diane Brown said the high volume of police contact was “mostly due to the late afternoon game, which led to heavy alcohol abuse, and an intense rivalry with a large number of MSU fans in attendance.”

Brown said the department adds a few more patrols for rivalry games. She also said that because officers were busy, some law-breakers might have been ejected or given a citation instead of arrested.

“Some people might have gotten off a little easier than they normally would have,” she said.

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