While the Ann Arbor Police Department dropped its investigation
into a reported rape at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house,
it has opened a separate investigation against SAE members for
serving alcohol to minors at the same party the victim cited in her
initial assault claims.

The rape charges were dropped after the alleged victim decided
not to press charges, AAPD officers said yesterday. The woman said
Tuesday her conduct with a member of the fraternity was

“We’re in the middle of that investigation, and that
will take a week or so,” AAPD Sgt. Jeff Conley said,
referring to the possible serving of drinks to minors. “If we
determine that they knowingly served alcohol to any minors then
we’ll be charging those responsible.”

According to the initial police report, the female was let into
an unregistered party at the SAE house Friday night along with five
friends, despite not being on the guest list. At the party, the
female reportedly got drunk and had sex with an unknown male, after
which she was taken to a hospital to be tested with a rape kit. In
an initial interview with AAPD officers, the female reported not
remembering the details of the event.

Conley said the president of a fraternity found to have
knowingly served alcohol to minors at a social event could be
charged under the state host law, violation of which is a
misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a
$1,000 fine.

“In my years I can think of probably at least three
(cases) where charges were sought against fraternity presidents for
violating the host law,” said Conley, who has been with the
department for 19 years.

Conley said AAPD officers will meet tomorrow with members of the
University Office of Greek Life to discuss the incident.

“I spoke to the University today,” he said.
“They’re just as disappointed as I am.”

The Office of Greek Life could not be reached for comment.

SAE President Dustin Nelson said he had not been contacted by
the AAPD since Monday and declined to comment on the circumstances
surrounding the party, but expressed relief that the alleged victim
declined to press charges.

“I’m glad to hear that that has been taken care
of,” Nelson said. “I know there were a lot of guys in
(SAE) that felt really bad about it.”

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