While meandering the streets of Ann Arbor, the Tower Plaza Condominiums building sticks out like a sore thumb. Hovering over the rest of the city at 26 stories, the Tower Plaza on William Street stands as the tallest building in Ann Arbor.

The building, which is owned by a condominium association rather than an individual person, was completed in 1969.

Brian Tomsic, representative for Triad Realty’s office located in the building, said the building’s vacancies go for anywhere from $145,000 to almost $500,000.

“Rooms are available on all 26 floors,” Tomsic said.

Tower Plaza underwent a $3.4 million renovation earlier this year, when all of its windows were replaced.

Though the building has 298 rooms and 26 floors, aside from Triad Realty, which rents housing there, no businesses exist in Tower Plaza.

Several notable locations surround Tower Plaza, including the New York Pizza Depot restaurant and Nickels Arcade, which stand across the street from the building’s east side. Cottage Inn Pizza is located on the Plaza’s south side.

South Campus and Michigan Stadium, which are located about a mile-and-a-half away, are visible from the upper floors of Tower Plaza.

Though it is much taller than University Towers and Huron Towers, which stand 18 and 14 stories, respectively, Tower Plaza could soon have to share its title as the tallest building in town.

Developers have proposed plans to build University Village – another 26-story building that would house apartments.

The apartment would hold 500 units and be located on South University and South Forest avenues.

Though some believe the city has a height restriction for buildings, Jeff Kahan, a city planner, said that’s not true. “It depends on the zoning district limits,” he said.

When asked if he thought anything would surpass the 26-story mark anytime soon, Kahan replied, “It’s hard to say. Zoning code for Ann Arbor doesn’t have a height limitation.”

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