Do you need orange juice like the elixir of life to get to class at 9 a.m. tomorrow? Prices are hefty at White Market and Village Corner, but convenience trumps everything else on packed afternoons.

If you’re up for a bit more of a hike, there are some great markets in the area. With a bicycle, car or a passion for walking, you should have no problem making it to Kerrytown, where you’ll find the People’s Food Co-op, Sparrow Meat Market and the local Farmers’ Market, which runs Wednesdays and Saturdays until November.

A few more miles on your bike — or the #4 bus that stops at South University and Washtenaw — and you can shop at Trader Joe’s, a national chain with a local feel. The prices at Joe’s blow Whole Foods out of the water, and the selection can’t be beat. If you need something like coconut milk extract, this is your place.

If you’re looking for the real grocery store experience — i.e. fluorescent lights and enough cereal options for a kiddie soccer league — Kroger and Meijer are very accessible via bus, if access to a car isn’t an option. And there are so many of them scattered just outside campus that no matter where you are — North Campus, the Hill or Central Campus — the AATA is nearby. From the Michigan Union, the #5 and #6 go to Kroger on Packard and Meijer on Carpenter. From North Campus, the #1 and the #2 go to Kroger on Plymouth Road.

For more of these fun little bus rides, check out the AATA website trip planner to figure out how to get pretty much anywhere in the area for free with student ID.

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