A mini foreign-invasion busts into Saint Andrews Hall tonight featuring pop punk enthusiasts Placebo, and indie rockers Idlewild. The two bands are smattering their respective ways across the United States in support of euro-pride.

Paul Wong
Two guys and a girl = Placebo<br><br>Courtesy of EMD/Virgin

Hedonistic neo-glam pop punkers Placebo slips on tour in support of their 2000 release Black Market Music, an album released to lukewarm reviews stateside.

Idlewild”s 2001 release 100 Broken Windows has garnered acclaim for the band”s ability to shamelessly play U.S. indie rock better than American bands were doing it a few years ago. They have gotten major support from Spin magazine where their record was named “The Best Album you haven”t heard” in 2000.

Notably, Idlewild sits on the Spin 20 each month under the category, “Being in Idlewild: Definitely better than being in Coldplay.” Financially this probably isn”t true with Coldplay”s “Yellow” still nicking heavy rotation on U.S. modern rock chart, but musically Idlewild shames Chris Martin and company.

The two bands will be on stage at Saint Andrews Hall tonight, doors are at 8 p.m. and tickets will run $12. Euro-rock fans owe it to themselves to check the show out.

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