According to its website, Pizza House is “A Slice of Chicago, in your home town!!!” Making the literal interpretation of that statement a reality would require the newest laser-drilling technology, the cooperation of millions of people, hundreds of billions of dollars and a ton of helicopters (and once we airlifted the slice of city over here, we wouldn’t even have a good place to put it). Luckily for us, it turns out Pizza House was actually using a form of metonymy and referring to Chicago-style pizza (who knew?), which is not only far easier to accomplish, but also much more delicious.

Pizza House is a great place to go for some deep-dish delights. Located conveniently on Church Street between South University and Willard Street, it’s never a far walk — unless you live on North Campus, in which case you have my deepest condolences. But never fear, neighbors to the north, for Pizza House delivers until the miraculous hour of 4 a.m., setting it apart from the competition. So whether you live in East Quad and are too lazy to cross the street to satisfy your late night munchies or you’re being held as a hungry hostage on North Campus by the tyrannous bus schedule, Pizza House will bring a saucy solution straight to your door.

There are some who think Pizza House is overpriced, and to be fair, it is kind of expensive. I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said “responsibility is the price of greatness.” But at Pizza House, the price of greatness starts at around $10.99.

As far as the pizza itself goes, Pizza House does a pretty damn good job emulating the city of Chicago’s success on the pizza front. And it smells and looks as good as it tastes. Whether you go deep-dish or not, your taste buds, nostrils and retinae will all leave happy — even if your wallet doesn’t.

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