A pizza delivery man was robbed on Friday after being called to a fake North Campus address, University Police reported.

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Diane Brown said that at around 8:15 p.m. on Friday night, the delivery man was searching for the address on Bishop Avenue when he was approached by a hooded man who “brandished what was perceived to be a gun.”

“The delivery person later figured out that it was not a real gun,” Brown said.

The deliveryman did not have any money with him, but his iPhone was stolen by the perpetrator. Following the robbery, the suspect fled, and the driver called the police about 20 minutes afterwards, according to Brown.

“It appears to be a calculated crime,” Brown said. “It wasn’t just random.”

The suspect is described as being in his mid-twenties, dark-skinned and about 5 feet 9 inches tall. Currently there are no leads.

Brown said in light of the incident officials will issue some type of warning to local delivery restaurants.

“I think there’s some outreach that will happen, if it hasn’t already, with the pizza places that deliver because that’s who will be at risk,” she said.

Similar events have not occurred on campus in recent years, according to Brown, though they have happened in other parts of Ann Arbor.

“We haven’t had reports of this sort of thing on campus but it is something that pizza delivery people are trained about on a regular basis,” she said. “I know there have been reports of these (types of crimes) elsewhere in the city.”

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