This summer I had the amazing opportunity to study in Hong Kong, a beautiful place where the most expansive skyline and rural coastal fishing villages are just a subway stop away from one another. No matter where you go in Hong Kong the characteristic city skyline follows you, looming in the distance behind temples and nunneries, a reminder that the bustle of the city is never far away.

Hong Kong is always crowded and never quiet. But living in one of the most densely populated cities in the world is mostly a humbling experience. The simplest tasks, such as crossing a street or getting onto the subway, becomes a daunting one as you are quickly consumed by a sea of people with their own lives and absolutely no time for you and your wanderings.

Hong Kong is not the place for leisurely strolling, you need a battle plan and guts. That being said, there really is no time for leisure, because there is so much to do; along with the bustling city that is characteristic of Hong Kong, there are also amazing hiking trails, world-renowned theme parks, exotic islands and beautiful Buddhist and Taoist temples. Perhaps this is why despite belonging to Britain and then China, Hong Kong still has a personality that is completely unique, one that I have grown to love. After everything, I am grateful to have called this amazing place my home for two months and look forward to the day when I return.

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