LANSING (AP) State Sen. Gary Peters, a former investment consultant from Oakland County”s Bloomfield Township, plans today to file the paperwork to set up his gubernatorial campaign committee.

Peters joins two other Democrats who already have filed their campaign committee paperwork: former Gov. James Blanchard of Beverly Hills, and state Sen. Alma Wheeler Smith of Salem Township.

“Our goal is to have a very targeted, grass-roots campaign,” Peters said. “Right now my main focus is putting together a fund-raising apparatus.”

Filing the paperwork for the candidate committee isn”t the same as formally announcing that he”s running, Peters said. But it does allow him to raise money and take the next step in his campaign.

He plans to have his new Internet site,, available starting today, and said he plans to run a high-tech, Internet-driven campaign.

Peters enters a potentially crowded field. Besides Blanchard and Smith, other Democrats considering a run for governor include U.S. Rep. David Bonior of Mount Clemens, Attorney General Jennifer Granholm and possibly former U.S. Sen. Donald Riegle.

In a letter sent yesterday to supporters, Peters said he knows many voters don”t yet know who he is.

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