“I’ve seen really cool graffiti and seen really crappy graffiti. I’ve seen really cool art and really crappy art. As long as it doesn’t, let’s see, as long as it’s not compromising the structural integrity of something I don’t think it’s vandalism. I think it can be tasteless and can be put in the wrong places. Generally, I think it’s cool. If it’s well done it can add character to a city.”
-Keleki Gottschalk, LSA and MT&D senior

“I really like the graffiti in AA. Where the burnt down building is, I really enjoy seeing that graffiti. I also like the graffiti alley. It think it adds color and culture.”
-Jessica Grimmer, LSA junior

“I like the art work and the designs, but I wouldn’t like on big public buildings. Its fine in alleyways or burnt down buildings though.”
-Suchanth Boda, LSA sophomore

“I love the gum wall. I love the colors and the different shapes. Graffiti is kind of rebellious. Everyone is like, “Conform, conform, conform!” And people who do graffiti are like, “I’m going to go my own way and live my life how I want to live it.” That involves bringing art everywhere instead of just being in gallery. Everyone is on the streets, everyone can see graffiti.”
-Olivia Lamson, A2 high school freshman

“I think it’s one of the oldest forms of art … I like a lot of graffiti, provided it’s done well. It can certainly have the potential to have a powerful message.”
-Michael Angelo, Wayne State med student

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