An Italian pop singer and supermodel, Bruni hit it big on Saturday by tying the knot with twice-divorced French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Brian Merlos

Carla Bruni

The couple met just three months ago, which makes their exorbitant $125,000 Christmas gift exchange seem like a pathetic attempt to legitimize the relationship. Given that Bruni’s past flings include Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger, only a man with Sarkozy’s prodigious ego would seem up to the task of dating a woman who once said monogamy was boring. While the future of the two lovebirds is uncertain, one thing is for sure: Bruni certainly isn’t helping Sarkozy’s approval ratings. But how canyou blame the French? When pictures surfaced of Sarkozy and Bruni schmoozing in public, it’s hard to imagine the French president actually addressing any real problems – like France’s faltering economy.

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