The Persian Culture Show that took place on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Power Center displayed the Persian culture’s long history and traditions of dance. Wearing beautiful costumes in vivid colors, the performers in each piece dazzled the audience with deft moves and bold spirit.

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Members of Persian Students Association perform a dance called “Dagheh Dagheh” at the Persian Culture Show at the Power Center on Saturday. (PETER SCHOTTENFELS/Daily)

The theme of the show was relevant for the student population, featuring a blend of Persian and American culture with a combination of hip hop, skits and dance moves. The strongest element of the Persian Culture Show was the dancing. Performed with an impressive display of energy, the dancing captivated the audience.

But many aspects of one particular skit, “Sacrifice,” which followed the hardships of an immigrant Persian couple throughout the evening’s performance, contained humor that seemed to be too particular to Persians and was not necessarily understood by non-Persians. This made sections of the skit drag on. However, the messages of hard work and sacrifice for a new generation, although somewhat clichéd, resonated well with the viewers and provided an emotional centerpiece for the whole culture show.

The two narrators, who acted as a mother-daughter team, further expanded the themes of family. Unfortunately, there was little chemistry between them and their timing was sometimes off. Despite these shortcomings, however, the MCs provided a sense of cohesion to the Persian Culture Show.

Clad in bright blue sequined shirts, the female performers completely stole the show from their male counterparts in the last dance. The dancers were an upbeat twirl of electricity that, when combined with the Persian hip-hop music in the background, added an extra level of energy to the show.

In the end, this dance was a fitting finale for an evening of vibrant entertainment and a little cultural enlightenment.

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