Senior linebacker Roy Manning was once quite the baseball
player. He played centerfield and led Saginaw High School in home
runs his junior season. He stopped playing that year, but
he’s still a fan. He also loves to play “MVP Baseball
2004,” something he has in common with Daily football writer
Sharad Mattu, who was a junkballing southpaw in high school. The
playoffs begin today — here’s what the two expect to
take place.

Yankees vs. Twins

Manning: Yankees

Mattu: Twins

Manning is a Yankees fan, and thinks their lineup will be
enough. Mattu, a Mets fan, thinks Johan Santana and his teammates
can pull off the upset.


Angels vs. Red Sox

Manning: Red Sox

Mattu: Angels

Is it possible to be a Yankees fan and a Manny Ramirez and Pedro
Martinez fan? Manning says so. Mattu thinks the Angels’
offense and bullpen will carry them far.


Cardinals vs. Dodgers

Manning: Cardinals

Mattu: Cardinals

Manning and Mattu actually agree on this. The Cardinals’
lineup of Jim Edmonds, Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen and Larry Walker
should make up for their inexperienced rotation.


Braves vs. Astros

Manning: Braves

Mattu: Astros

Year after year, the Braves win the division. Yet in 13 years,
just one World Series win. Still, Manning expects them to advance,
while Mattu thinks the Astros are on a roll.


World Series

Manning: Yankees over Cardinals

Mattu: Astros over Angels

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